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Hey, how have you been?

I have not been posting in the blog lately so first of all, sorry for that. WORKING ON THAT!Secondly… It’s a new year!! Both 2018 and for me as well since I turned 19 this month. To get something off my chest, I have to admit that I didn’t hit my bench goal (140Kg) before my birthday but I am still working towards it! For this year I have planned many huge goals to hit which I will be talking in the future one by one but for now….

Last weekend I visited Germany, Berlin. As a little kid I actually lived in Germany (not in Berlin though) for some time. Therefore, it feels really nostalgic every time I go back. I don’t know if it is the culture, the people or the language… But I feel really bound to this land like it’s my second home.

Anyways, we had LOTS of fun during our time there. The first day we visited cultural places, the second day was for shopping and the third one to say goodbyes. But why am I telling this to you if you can WATCH IT on your own!!!

PS! I do not drink that many monsters on the regular basis… honestly!

Enjoy the vlog and have a great weekend y’all!!

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