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UNCG Wellness Center – hiiglaslik 2-korruseline jõusaal, mägironimissein läbi 3 korruse, mitu korvpalli- ja jalgpalliväljakut, ujula jpm

Hi y’all!

Kui Karl rääkis oma esimeses postituses LA-s trenni tegemisest, siis minagi olen jõudnud USA-sse trenni tegema. Nagu mõned teist juba teavad, siis läksin eelmise nädala alguses neljaks-viieks kuuks USA-sse, täpsemalt Põhja-Carolina osariiki, vahetusüliõpilasena teoloogiat õppima. Ülikooli nimi, kus ma õpin, on UNCG ehk University of North Carolina, Greensboro ja tegu on kõige vingema üliõpilaslinnakuga, mida kunagi näinud olen. See on lihtsalt hiiglaslik ja seetõttu mahutab ka siin õppivat 20 000 õpilast ilusti ära. Lisaks meeldib mulle täiega siinne arhitektuur (milleks on peamiselt punastest tellistest ja klaasist majad) ja see et siin on väga palju rohelust – igalpool on pargid, puud, alleed ja kõik õitseb siin ka praegu, suve lõpus.
Lisaks sellele on siin hiiglaslik cafeteria, kus on kümneid erinevaid stationeid ja mul on sinna unlimited sissepääs (võin süüa igal ajal ükskõik kui palju kui see just suletud ei ole), mis on suurepärane uudis, arvestades, et tahan kõvasti trenni teha!
Aga mis peamine, siin avati just reedel uus welness center, mis on absoluutselt massive ja päris suure jõusaaliga – see tundub olevat palju isegi suurem kui ükski MyFiti oma, kus käinud olen. Tegin esimesest trennist ka lühikese Triple Motivation motivatsioonivideo, kuigi kvaliteet pole nii hea kui tavaliselt, sest pidin siin hakkama saama teiste inimeste abiga ja kuna meie tavalist kaameranaist Nancy’t polnud kaamera taga. (Videot saab näha mu Instagramist:

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Training Outdoors

summer training

Hey, guys!

It’s Karl, again 🙂

I know it’s been a while with the triple motivation blog, but new and exciting stuff is coming very soon!

In last post I spoke about training abroad but also that in LA I had a chance to train outdoors, which I really loved. As a person, who loves to be in the nature as much as possible, or at least outdoors, breathing in that good fresh air and chill in the sunshine, I have searched for ways to do some weight training also outdoors, because I love that sport, but I don’t love the fact that in Estonia it is possible to train only in indoor gyms, away from the sunlight and fresh air. I have never had a proper chance to train outside with good gym equipment before. This is because Estonian summers are so short and rainy, and other part of the year is too cold for most people to train outside – this is why we don’t have public outdoor gyms. I kinda hate that. I love weight training, but don’t like to spend so big amount of my life indoors.

Last year I mostly trained in Myfitness’s Rocca Al Mare’s gym, which is a huge gym with good equipment, but unfortunately has no windows. After travels, summer approaching, I didn’t want to train away from the natural light and started visiting other Myfitness’s gyms. For example, I really loved Myfitness Viimsi and Mustamäe, because both are new gyms with light interior and big windows, which is a start.
Then I visited Myfitness Postimaja and I fell in love with this gym. Not too big and with many small rooms, instead of one big, has white walls and it has windows on BOTH sides of the gym, so there is a lot of light during summers. And it gets better. This gym also has big rooftop terrace, which is accessible for all the member and where you can also train during the opening hours of the gym. There are mats and light dumbbell, unfortunately no heavy training equipment (which is understandable because there is no roof ahead and in Estonia it rains too much), but you are allowed to take all the heavy dumbbells, kettlebells, etc outdoors if you want. Good place for doing lunges with dumbbells or just heavy abs workout under the heating sun.

From now on I mainly train there, even though it is longer drive to the gym. For me it is important to enjoy every workout and whenever it gets tedious or the environment is uninspiring I make sure to change something.

Really pleased that I can enjoy the summer while hitting the gym! Here’s a video for you guys from a training with my girl, Nancy, at Postimaja Myfitness at the golden hour:

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Travelling x Training x TripleMotivation

Best form so far, before heading to US

Hey, guys!

It’s Karl, the artist, oldest one of the Antson Brothers.

As many of you know, I love to travel and as this is my gap year and I have saved up some money since I was 10 years old, I’ve had a chance to travel quite a bit during this year with my girl, Nancy. (Check out also her blog, she’s amazing:
But I also love to train, and this is where it gets tricky… Growing and building muscle demands discipline and routine, but travelling (especially with a very -very-very low budget) is everything but that.
As I have received already  many questions about how I maintain my training routine during travels then I decided to make my first post exactly about that.

During the time I have been working out more seriously (since last March) I’ve travelled 3 times – last summer road trip through Europe with my family (11 days), trip to Italy (2 weeks) and to the States with Nancy (3 weeks.)

During the road trip there was no working out whatsoever and this meant I lost a lot of muscle mass, I also didn’t get back to my routine after that properly during the last month of summer, it was not a good look. Soon after this, in the middle of September we already flew to Italy, where I also decided to spend the time enjoying Tuscan nature, rather than finding a gym in the countryside, I did one pull-up-abs workout there, but well…
As it is very difficult for me to build muscle mass, and on the other hand I lose all my gains very quickly, I was really small after I got back home.
After that I dedicated myself on working out and eating as much as I possible could – which is also not easy for me, because most of the day I spend painting and “forget” to eat often for too long. I trained for 4-6 times a week and tried to eat 6 times a day. I found out that the key to growing muscle was eating, which I knew before, but never took it too seriously. I had trained before for few years but didn’t eat enough and although I trained 3 times a week, my weight stayed the same 64 kg for years, nothing changed.
From the beginning of the October 2015 (which I count as real proper beginning of working out) to April 2016 I gained up to 8,5 kg and weighed 72,5 kg, this was why I decided not to let go of my routine, or at least maintain as much muscle, as possible. My mom asked me before the travel that: “You ain’t going to spent too much time in the gym there, aren’t you?” But this is not how I see it. I am not waisting my time in USa by being in the gym, what I can to here back in Estonia, but for me training out there feels so right, feels like I am living my life all over the world and that’s how it’s supposed to be, because training is so strongly part of my lifestyle and New York and LA have been my dream destinations as long as I remember.

Turing planning the travel – sights and places we wanted to visit, we also looked out gyms closest to the places we stayed at. In New York there where so many gyms nearby and they also offered free trials, which was super! First I wanted to find out more about Equinox, which is said to be “arguably the swankiest gym chain in America”, and it was. Definitely the most luxurious gym I have ever been to. They don’t have one day, nor week passes and as they want that people would join to be their full time members, they offer one month passes for 150 dollars, or so. Luckily they gave us 3 day free trial. Everything in there is on point, from design and attention to detail, from towels to cotton bads. You can get the idea from the gyms page and pictures what I visited from their website: , because taking photos, not to mention filming a training video was strictly prohibited. They had free WIFI (which is quite big deal in US), but you where not allowed to have your phone in the gym with you, free towels and all kinds of hygien products + free Spa treatments.


We had 3 gym training during our 10 day stay in New York, which was Ok, I think – eventually we just had to make a choice what was more important for us – to build muscle or see as much of the city as possible. We usually stayed out most of the day – from 8 am to 9 pm, mainly walked or took bikes to explore the city, so we where not just sitting indoors, skipping workouts. Some mornings we went for a morning jog few times while we were in NY.

In LA, I thought it is going to be trickier, because I couldn’t find any good gyms nearby and we also didn’t have a rental car… But when we arrived at our Airbnb apartment buildings community, we saw that there was a little private gym we could use for free. It was such a blessing and we saved again a lot of money. It was not anything special and lacked a lot of equipment – there where no free weights – no barbells, no plates, only some dumbbells, which weren’t heavy enough, but it was fun to train differently and use creativity to get the workouts in. There we trained almost daily for 5 days, only few days decided to rather explore LA and make the most of the city.

You can find a short video on my Instagram that we shot there:

Final days we spent near Venice Beach, in Playa del Ray, 30 minute ride away from Venice and 40 minute ride away from Santa Monica by bikes. I wanted to train in Muscle Beach and in Gold’s Gym, The Mecca of Bodybuilding. It was not a must, I’m not so big fan, but I thought it would be cool to train there and make a training video, when we are already in the area. Both days we stayed out whole day and rode around 50 km on bike for transportation. As Gold’s Gym one day pass was 20 dollars, we decided not to train there, but trained once at famous Muscle Beach, which was amazing, because the weather was so amazing and my ideal way to work out is outdoors, as unfortunately in Estonia there are no public outdoor gyms, I have to train indoors. So this experience was so much fun and if it is possible I would continue to train only outdoors. Check out the video, which was filmed by my super talented girl, below.

Overall  during 3 weeks of travel, which is exhausting for body overall  (jet lag, long days out on foot) we managed to put in 7 gym workouts, lots of riding by bike for trasportation and few morning jogs. Unfortunately I had dropped from 72,5 kg > 69 kg, but that was my conscious choice to train less, because time was limited on the trip and I am happy that I didn’t leave training out fully, which I have done in the past, because I’ve felt that when I don’t get all my workouts in then there’s no point to train at all. I am glad that I kept my lifestyle abroad, because I feel this is the coolest way to travel – keep doing what you love daily and combining passions with travels.

For all the readers, I think it is not difficult to train during travels (even on a low budget trip), but there definitely has to be a choice made how much time you want to be in the gym during the travels. For me it is ok, if I cut it down to half of my usual routine: this way I have more time to explore, but still work out and do it all over the world.

Triple Beginning


Hei spordisõbrad! Mina olen Hans Markus ja sport on minu sõbraks olnud vaat, et terve elu. Noorena tegelesin päris tõsisel tasemel jalgrattaspordiga ja unistasin suurest karjäärist. Kahjuks aga lõpetas mu tee jalgratturina üks veidi tõsisem kukkumine. Samal ajal tegelesin jalgrattaspordi kõrvalt ka duatloniga, kus olen olnud kolmekordne Eesti teine ja ühe korra kolmas. Ühel aastal võitsin isegi terve karikasarja.

Praegu aga veedan enamus aja looduses loomi pildistades, mille jooksul võivad mu matkad päris pikaks kujuneda. Saabusin just Fjällräven Polar matkalt, mis oli seiklus omaette. Tegemist oli väljakutsega, mis tähendas 300 kilomeetri läbimist kelgurakenditega.

Õpin Tartu ülikoolis Ökoloogiat ja koolipäevadel veedan enamus vaba aja jõusaalis, vahel tuleb nädalas koguni 6 treeningpäeva.



Mina olen Joel ja mulle meeldib tegeleda spordiga – praegu peamiselt jõusaali, kuid ka jooksmise ja üsna hilise nähtusena eneselegi üllatuseks väga ka tantsimisega.

Olen kristlik luuletaja, õpin Tartu Ülikoolis teoloogiat ja teenin kaasa 3D Koguduses. Lisaks trennile ja õppimisele on minu peamiseks tegevuseks luuletamine, oma luuletustega esinemine ning neist unikaalsete ja võimsate luulevideote tegemine. Kellel on rohkem huvi, siis tasub mind jälgida Facebookis ( ja Instagramis ( ja siin on mõne mu seni valminud video lingid:

(Mu kahe pildi alla võib panna tekstid: “Kaader Joeli luulevideost “Metanoia”” ja siis selle esinemise pildi alla: “Joel esitamas oma luulet kristlikul noortekonverentsil”)



Hei, ma olen Karl, noor kunstnik ja filminduse huviline. Olen lõpetanud Vanalinna Hariduskolleegiumi kunstikooli ja Vanalinna Hariduskolleegiumi Gümnaasiumi kunstiklassi ning plaanin alustada õpinguid režissööri erialal. Maalimisele olen  pühendunud viimased 6 aastat.  Lisaks armastan reisimist, sest võõrad maad ja ilusad paigad on parim viis inspiratsiooni ammutamiseks. Nii olen hakanud tegema koos oma tüdrukuga ka reisivideoid, kuhu lisaks põnevatele riikidele soovime sisse põimida ka palju kunsti. Treeningvideote abil, mida me koos vendadega teeme, soovime inspireerida noori tervislikult elama ja sporti tegema ning seeläbi ühendan  ühtlasi oma kaks suurt kirge – kunsti ja sporti. Hetkel treeningi peaasjalikult jõusaalis, kuid alustan igat päeva hommikujooksuga, sõidan auto asemel fixie ja longboardiga ning lisaks veedan palju aega looduses (kus ma maalin või teen videoid.) Ma usun, et spordil ja kunstil on väga palju ühist: mõlemad valdkonnad vajavad palju kirge ja pühendumist. Lisaks on mõlemad valdkonnad minu arvates olulised enesearengus. Treenimine annab väga palju energiat ja elurõõmu ning samas toidab mu loomingulisust, kunst arendab vaimsel tasandil ja tasakaalustab füüsilist tegevust.