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Hey, guys!

It’s Karl, again 🙂

I know it’s been a while with the triple motivation blog, but new and exciting stuff is coming very soon!

In last post I spoke about training abroad but also that in LA I had a chance to train outdoors, which I really loved. As a person, who loves to be in the nature as much as possible, or at least outdoors, breathing in that good fresh air and chill in the sunshine, I have searched for ways to do some weight training also outdoors, because I love that sport, but I don’t love the fact that in Estonia it is possible to train only in indoor gyms, away from the sunlight and fresh air. I have never had a proper chance to train outside with good gym equipment before. This is because Estonian summers are so short and rainy, and other part of the year is too cold for most people to train outside – this is why we don’t have public outdoor gyms. I kinda hate that. I love weight training, but don’t like to spend so big amount of my life indoors.

Last year I mostly trained in Myfitness’s Rocca Al Mare’s gym, which is a huge gym with good equipment, but unfortunately has no windows. After travels, summer approaching, I didn’t want to train away from the natural light and started visiting other Myfitness’s gyms. For example, I really loved Myfitness Viimsi and Mustamäe, because both are new gyms with light interior and big windows, which is a start.
Then I visited Myfitness Postimaja and I fell in love with this gym. Not too big and with many small rooms, instead of one big, has white walls and it has windows on BOTH sides of the gym, so there is a lot of light during summers. And it gets better. This gym also has big rooftop terrace, which is accessible for all the member and where you can also train during the opening hours of the gym. There are mats and light dumbbell, unfortunately no heavy training equipment (which is understandable because there is no roof ahead and in Estonia it rains too much), but you are allowed to take all the heavy dumbbells, kettlebells, etc outdoors if you want. Good place for doing lunges with dumbbells or just heavy abs workout under the heating sun.

From now on I mainly train there, even though it is longer drive to the gym. For me it is important to enjoy every workout and whenever it gets tedious or the environment is uninspiring I make sure to change something.

Really pleased that I can enjoy the summer while hitting the gym! Here’s a video for you guys from a training with my girl, Nancy, at Postimaja Myfitness at the golden hour:

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